GRANDIA PlayStation the Best

In GRANDIA, Justin is an 14 year old boy whose dream is to become an adventurer like his late father.
In search of the ancient Angelou, Justin will embark on a great journey that test his determination and courage.

A high-definition remaster of the game "Grandia HD Collection" will be released sometimes this year.


  • Story A story of GRANDIA
  • Basics

Dungoen / Field Guide


Western Elencia

Lost World

Eastern Elencia

Special Scenario

Town Guide


  • Weapons Sword/Mace/Ax/Projectile/Knife/Whip
  • Protectors Shield/Armor/Shoe/Helmet/Accessory
  • Items Recovery/Valuable/Key Item etc
  • Magic Basic and Mixed Elemental Magic
  • Mana Egg Where to get Mana Eggs


  • Justin
  • Sue
  • Feena
  • Gadwin
  • Rapp
  • Milda
  • Guido
  • Liete


  • Soundtrack Info on Grandia soundtrack
  • Links Grandia related webpages